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    KL trapeze

    So proud to be graduating with this beautiful duo!

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    Day 20

    The unfinished result of my very productive and informative makeup class!

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    Today’s post is geared toward that all too important grip strength. A lot of aerial newbies find themselves lacking in that department. It’s also a muscle group often neglected by seasoned aerial students. Just like your pull ups and piked inverts, you just cannot stop training your grip.


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    Duo XY gopro training video

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    Duo XY Duo Trapeze Demo Reel



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    Mira and Esse a fantastic duo trapeze pair. A lot of good things happening now. Have a lot of planned sessions the couple of weeks coming. Will also do a collaboration with @riomonka soon. Enjoy

    Wow, this is gorgeous.

    HEY! I know them. I competed in a festival in sweden with them :)

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    4 guys from school do the Mean Girls dance.

    Merry christmas everyone! 


  10. "Hope is not a substitute for pain. Hope is in spite of pain."
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  11. I just sat in Viktor Kee’s Porche 911 Carrera. My life is complete.

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    Second day back and I’m sore everywhere, and full of bruises and burns. But I’ve started creating again, here’s a little work in progress!


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    Ballet dancers in random situations

    The second one is pretty great guys… Not gonna lie here.

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  14. Wonderwoman! ME!!!!

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    Aerial Doubles: The art of being lifted into the air.

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