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    Hi Alexandre lane!

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    My latest work with steverichard

    SO gorgeous

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    New album up on Flickr.
    Photos from one of the end of year shows at l’École de cirque de Québec this year, “Au bal des mariés”. Check out the album here!

    © Norbi Whitney
    share as much as you like, no nothing else ever.

    Excellent picture of Connor and Caroline at the bottom.

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    Mira and Esse

    Wooooo go Mira and Esse! So cool to see how far they’ve come!

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  10. Hey everyone! I know I’ve been pretty absent recently, but I’ve been working really hard to finish my first promo video. I filmed this with Urban Mountain Media, which is an amazing company who you should all hire for any artistic video needs in Minnesota. 

    Song is 551 by Dessa, an amazing Minneapolis rapper. I hope you all like it!

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    KL trapeze

    So proud to be graduating with this beautiful duo!

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    Day 20

    The unfinished result of my very productive and informative makeup class!

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    Today’s post is geared toward that all too important grip strength. A lot of aerial newbies find themselves lacking in that department. It’s also a muscle group often neglected by seasoned aerial students. Just like your pull ups and piked inverts, you just cannot stop training your grip.


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